Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How is Myopractic different from "Regular Massage"

I am often asked how Myopractic is different than a "regular" massage.  I understand why some would think that massage is massage.  However, within massage are many different modalities. Most people are familiar with the Swedish massage which, in their minds, is a "regular" massage.  Swedish is one of many modalities and is intended to relax the client.

The difference in most of the modalities is what is the end goal.  The biggest difference between Swedish massage and Myopractic is the end goal.  Swedish massage is intended to relax the client and Myopractic is intended to realign muscles, ligaments, tendons to bring relief to a specific set of muscles.  When a client goes to get a Swedish massage, the therapist is intent on bringing relaxation.  When a client goes to get a Myopractic treatment, the therapist is intent on how to address the muscles involved in the pain to bring about the relief the client seeks.

For instance, when a client calls and tells me that they have hip and back pain I am immediately thinking of which muscles are in that area and could possibly be causing the distress the client is feeling.  My treatment plan begins during my initial conversation with the client and will continue to evolve when I do the hands on evaluation of the muscles.  The hands on evaluation tells me specifically which muscles are the primary muscles that need work and then the secondary muscles that need work.  As the work is done each session, other muscles may come to the fore as the primary and secondary muscles are released.

No session or client is the same.  Sometimes it seems that all is well and then in my palpation and assessment of the client muscles I will find another area that is causing specific, acute or chronic pain.

Although most clients initially try Myopractic for relief of pain in a specific area, most continue to come for treatments every 3-4 weeks for maintenance.  Maintenance is a great way to prevent injury and consists of a head to toe evaluation and alignment of muscles.

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