Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Knee Pain

This post in the series is going to focus on knee pain.  I have had several people come to me with knee pain.  Some of them are runners or serious weight lifters and some have a chronic disease such as Fibromyalgia or have sustained a strain at work.

I am bringing this to the fore, as I feel that there are many people with knee pain who may think that they need orthopedic interventions such as injections or surgery.  All of the people who came to see me with knee pain were coming to see if I could help before they went to an orthopedic doctor or they had seen an orthopedic doctor and given the option of injections but wanted to try a less invasive approach before having injections in their knee.

I actually spoke with an orthopedic doctor this week about using Myopractic as an option for pain management and he was very excited to be able to offer this to his patients.  In his words, "we need other options, especially since we are so limited on writing prescriptions as we try to get this opioid crisis under control."  This orthopedic doctor also knows that I am an RN and stated that he trusts that if I can't help someone I would know to refer them to a medical doctor for evaluation.  I am excited to still use my nursing assessment to determine if someone needs to be referred to a different professional to ensure they get the best care possible.

In all of my clients I noted that the muscles in the calf and the thigh were very tight.  As I began to massage and realign the muscles I noticed that the origins and insertions around the knee continued to have lots of tension.  As I continued treatment, releasing muscles and tendons the clients went from having a lot of pain to having no pain at all in their knees.

The proof is always in whether the relief they felt on the table continued into their daily lives and every single one of them was able to report to me that they had no knee pain at all after the treatment they received to release and realign their muscles.  One client who was a runner and had been sidelined for several months due to the knee pain had even gone for a run and reported no pain after the run when she came back for a followup treatment.  The right knee she had been having pain in for a year, had prevented her from running and she now reports that it has been several weeks since the first treatment and she has absolutely no pain at all in her knee!   A couple other clients came back a few weeks later for maintenance treatments and reported no pain since the initial treatment!

I know that before I discovered Myopractic therapy I had no idea how much addressing the muscles in our body could help to alleviate and sometimes even eliminate pain!  As nurses, we are taught how to manage pain with medications and positioning, etc but we are not taught that our patients could possibly eliminate their pain with therapy such as Myopractic.  Even physical therapy did not have a good track record of resolving pain issues for my patients.  Until I discovered Myopractic therapy, I really did not have an alternative for pain relief to offer my patients.  Now that I have discovered this treatment and use it for myself and my family, I am excited to share it with everyone.

Imagine if the pain you are living with daily could actually be treated in a few sessions and kept away with a maintenance schedule of a treatment every few weeks?  The cost of your quality of life is worth it!  I know that every one of my family members as well as myself continue to benefit from Myopractic.   I don't live with the leg aches I used to have because I now understand that it is muscle involvement and I get regular treatments to help me.

If you are reading this and you are thinking that you or someone you know could use this type of treatment please contact us www.cornerstone-of-wellness.com.   We would be happy to see you and be a partner in your journey to wellness!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


This installment will discuss the benefits of Myopractic for Fibromyalgia.

I had a client come to see me for headaches and had been getting Myopractic treatments, but only from the waist up.  I did not know that she usually only got a treatment from the waist up and did a full body treatment.  After the treatment she told me that she usually only gets a treatment from the waist up but that she was feeling really good in her whole body, not just her headaches, with the full body treatment.  She felt relief from her Fibromyalgia symptoms with the full body treatment.  We scheduled another treatment for a month out and when she came back she said, you know I really started noticing my Fibromyalgia kicking up after two weeks so I think I better come back every two weeks.

Many clients with Fibromyalgia suffer greatly, trying many different treatments including those endorsed by the medical community as well as those offered by the naturopathic community.  The constant, nagging pain is debilitating both mentally and physically and both of those result in emotional dysfunction often including depression.  My Fibromyalgia friends and clients report a feeling of hopelessness, often, because they try so many things and do not realize relief. Fibromyalgia is a silent disease, wreaking havoc on one's emotional, mental and physical being, but those suffering often don't look sick.  Being dismissed as being a hypochondriac or attention seeking because your disease is not visible to others is very disconcerting and makes patients feel hopeless.

We have been doing treatments every two weeks for my client and she is reporting that her Fibromyalgia is better controlled now than it's ever been.   Her words were "I have never found anything that helps my Fibromyalgia more than these Myopractic treatments I get from you."

I know that Fibromyalgia is a very frustrating disease and many who suffer with it just have to "grin and bear it" as there is no known cure, and patients don't seem to be able to find much for relief.  If you are reading this and thinking that I am describing your mental and emotional state because of the physical distress you live with, call or go online to schedule.  If you have questions you would like answered before you schedule, call me 724-372-3621.  If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia I would encourage you to give Myopractic a try.  Myopractic works with your body to help it to heal.  Go to our website www.cornerstone-of-wellness.com or call us to schedule or get your questions answered.

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