Monday, July 8, 2019

My Baby is Hurting my Neck!!

This week's installment is about a new mother.  Welcoming a new baby into the home is an exciting time!  Often, however, in the excitement of caring for the baby, holding them and feeding them, rocking them, playing with them, we will experience muscles that are hurting due to the awkward positioning of muscles that occurs with baby care.  I can usually tell if a client has small children or a baby just by palpating certain muscles because these muscles that control the shoulders, neck, arms are often very tight and painful!

This features a new mother who had a history of getting sudden "kinks" in her neck before the baby.  This was only being exacerbated by turning her neck to look at the baby while she was holding her or feeding her.  When I saw this client she could not turn her neck due to  the pain.  I worked the muscles that were causing the pain and tension and was able to free them up and release them back to alignment.  It was instant relief of the pain that had been plaguing the new mother.  She was now able to care for her bundle of joy without having to be careful of how she moved.  My recommendation for the mother was regular monthly treatments to keep her body in alignment so that she would remain pain free and able to joyfully care for her new baby.

We usually seek help when we are hurting, not realizing that we can prevent the pain with monthly maintenance treatments.  Most of my clients come every 3 weeks for a maintenance treatment and find that by doing this they avoid frequent treatments for an acute injury.  I also arm my clients with information of stretches they can do between treatments to keep their muscles in optimal shape.

If you or someone you know is hurting have them call me for an evaluation.  If they mention that you referred them, you get a 50% discount on your treatment!

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