Friday, April 26, 2019

Pain in the wrists

Hello and welcome to the blog today!  I'd like to share on this space some of my experiences as a Myopractic professional.

The first installment in this series is about a client who came to me for back pain.  He only wanted me to work to relieve his back pain.  While we were talking, (we have lots of conversation during a treatment), he was telling me that his job requires repetitive movements with his hands and wrists. This has resulted in a lot of pain in both.  I asked him if he had ever had massage or other treatment on them and he told me that he had gotten an injection in it a year ago and was due for another one.  He would be limited to 3 injections and then would have to opt for surgery.  I asked him if I could work on his hands and wrists and see if I could help.  His reply was "It certainly can't hurt".  He was wrong.  It hurt a LOT for me to even gently touch his hands.  I had to work slowly and do a lot of warming before I could even get in to do any "real" work.   After I had been working on his right hand, which was his worst, I noticed he wasn't wincing and was just talking to me.  I asked him if it was hurting anymore and with great surprise he replied "Actually, no it doesn't hurt at all!"  I was so excited to be able to bring him pain relief without an intervention like injection that is so invasive and painful and has possible irreversible side effects.

As a nurse I do value the many interventions that are available to us when we need them.  As a nurse I can also testify to the many "possible" side effects that I have seen cause more problems for patients.  My method has always been to try the least invasive approach first then work up to more invasive interventions if need be.

My client now has an option for his hand and wrist pain that will not cause possible damage to nerves or break down his tissue and veins.  I was unable to completely resolve his pain in his back as I felt that he had something else going on and referred him to get a CT scan or MRI so that the tissue could be evaluated.  Being a professional requires that we let our clients know if we can't help them and refer them to someone who can.  At Cornerstone of Wellness, that is the kind of care you will receive from us.  Kind, compassionate and straight forward.

Thank you visiting and taking the time to read this feature!

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