Wednesday, May 15, 2019

My Pain in the Neck!

The second installment of this series will feature a young girl with neck and shoulder pain.

A few weeks ago I had a young girl schedule a treatment session with me.  As usual on the first visit, I spent considerable time getting a history of any medical treatments, current medications, etc.  Turns out the pain this young girl was having was in her right shoulder and neck. She told me that her pain had started several years ago and had gotten progressively worse.  She had not had an accident or any "incident" that she could point to as a reason the pain began.  As she told her story of going to multiple professionals, from chiropractic to orthopedic specialists, she began to cry with the frustration that no one seemed to know what was wrong and how to help her.  I handed her tissues and told her that I would do an assessment and let her know if it was something we could help.  It sounded like, based on her description, it was something we would be able to resolve.  I also told her that if I did not feel I could help, I would let her know.

After a thorough assessment of her muscles, and feeling how tight her neck and shoulders were, I told her that I felt we would be able to get through to release the muscles but it would take considerable time as it had been there for over 6 years.  She was willing to come for multiple treatments.  After the first session I told her that if I did not know my anatomy, I would have thought that her shoulders had grown a new bone, the muscle there was so hard!

After 3 treatments I was able to actually get in where the bone-like muscle had been and feel the fibers of the muscle.  Because there are multiple layers of muscle in your shoulders it was taking me some time to work through the layers.  After the 4th treatment she reported feeling relief for the first time in over 6 years.  We began spacing her treatments out a bit more and I taught her some stretches to do between treatments that would also help to loosen tension and maintain her structure.  We also talked about ways to reduce stress as it seemed she carried a lot of her stress in her neck and shoulders.

After making some adjustments in her stress load, being treated several times and incorporating stretches daily into her routine, she felt her headaches and shoulder pain release. 

For the first time in years, she is free of headaches and shoulder pain!  She continues to come in for maintenance every couple of weeks and we are both grateful that Myopractic was able to bring her the pain relief she so desperately needed. 

If you are reading this and wonder if Myopractic is something that could help you in your struggle with chronic pain, call us or go online to schedule a

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